Offered Services



Primary Care

We strive to deliver the best continuous care possible for your pet. Our staff fully supports you in providing the care your pet needs for the best chances of a long, healthy life. Communication and compassion are at the forefront of our services and we hope to help you make sense of the plethora of information available in today’s age.

Our primary care services include: wellness checkups, vaccinations, heartworm and tick borne disease testing, flea and tick prevention, dewormer, routine blood work as well as advanced blood work such as vaccine titers, GI panels, and infectious disease testing.

Urgent Care

We understand how stressful it can be when your companion is sick or in pain. Appointments can be made but we will also do our best to fit your pet into the schedule urgently when needed.

Services offered include, but are not limited to: blood work, x-rays, sedated procedures such as wound repairs and porcupine quill removal, casting/splint/bandage placement for fractures and large wounds, and medications to treat most conditions.


Linwood Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer a range of surgical services ranging from minor wound repairs to surgical emergencies. We will provide an initial consultation to help you understand the risks of the procedure and also to help alleviate concerns during such a worrying endeavor for a pet owner.

Surgical procedures include, but are not limited to: spays and neuters, wound repairs, mass removal, surgery on the gastrointestinal tract such as foreign body removal or biopsies, surgical removal of bladder stones, and c-sections.